HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — McDonough Middle School cut the ribbon to its own barbershop on Monday. Thanks to volunteers from The Shop in Newington, students will be able to get a fresh trim right at school.

“It has been a vision a couple years in the works,” Michelle Martinez, the family and community support supervisor for the school, said.

Martinez told News 8 the pandemic brought a financial burden to families in the district. The ability to offer haircuts to students who need them has made improvements in many areas.

“The difference a haircut makes, we’ve seen a change in behavior, we’ve seen a change in attendance, we’ve seen an impact on actual families,” Martinez said.

The purpose of the haircuts is also to provide a role model for the students through the barbers.

“When they sit in our chair they leave, they feel good,” Phil Savvis, the owner of The Shop, said. “They look better, they’re more confident. The conversation, even a 30 minute haircut they get so much out of it.”

The school said the on-location barbershop will serve 30 to 40 students.