HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Are you ready for some Futsal? The FIFA-recognized form of small-sided indoor soccer is coming to Hartford.

Hartford leaders held an opening ceremony on Tuesday at Colt Park to celebrate the city’s first Futsal court.

The court is smaller than a soccer pitch and played on a hard court surface like a basketball court. A smaller ball that is harder and less bouncy than a soccer ball is used in the sport.

Local youth soccer players were invited for a brief training camp during the ceremony with Hartford Athletic.

There are 5 positions in Futsal:

  • A goalkeeper who makes a small and important pitch
  • A defender who is the last player ahead of the goalkeeper
  • A winger who is crucial in both attack and defense
  • A pivot who is typically the most forward player on the pitch. Their job is more of a playmaker than a goal scorer.
  • A universal who is able to perform in various outfield roles

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Conn.) said the futsal court was a $770,000 project with around $500,000 coming from the state.

Mayor Bronin said they aren’t done they have in their plan about $1.5 million of additional improvements planned and scheduled for Colt Park.