GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Tattoos and piercings are staples in the body modification industry, but the latest trend to hit Connecticut is permanent jewelry.

So, what does permanent jewelry entail?

A jeweler custom-fits a bracelet around your wrist and then welds the two ends together. It’s essentially the same as a regular bracelet — without the clasp to take it off as you please. Although it’s a niche concept right now, it’s begun to take-off with celebrities like Nancy and Bartise on Netflix’s series “Love is Blind.”

Amid Valentine’s – and Galentine’s – Day, Glastonbury’s Baribault Jewelers is hosting a Valentine’s Permanent Jewelry Bar Event with free gifts, giveaways, and a sweetheart sale. From Feb. 9 to 15, customers can get a free gift for their Valentine with a permanent jewelry purchase.

The process is simple: choose a time slot, select a chain, and get linked. The 14k waterproof gold chain, which can be selected from four different light and dainty styles, will be measured to your wrist and painlessly welded shut using high heat.

Christina Baribault Ortiz of Baribault Jewelers said the welding process only takes a second, though fitting the bracelets can take time, so customers should expect a 30-minute wait during an appointment.

“Jewelry is the ultimate reflection of your love and admiration,” Baribault Ortiz said. “It’s a clear reminder of your unwavering devotion every time they look at it.”

Permanent jewelry is available for anyone ages 10 and above. Find an appointment via Baribault Jewelers here.