GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Glastonbury police are helping citizens learn more about how the department operates in the wake of a slew of youth crimes and car theft.

“Everyone works together, nobody works alone by themselves,” said Sami Aburoumi, of Glastonbury.

The police department’s citizens’ academy teaches about everything from juvenile law to how detectives investigate crimes.

The students were in their third week on Thursday. During the class, the police brought out the gear their tactical team uses. The same night, participants also learned about regional emergency services.

The goal is to show how police work hand-in-hand with modern technology.

“You’ve got to be an EMT, an attorney, you have to be a negotiator, you have to be able to mix it up with the big guys if need be,” Bob Eliason, of Glastonbury, said. “It’s a really tough job.

The class, which is six weeks long, is already full for the session. The city is anticipated to announce a future session.