If you’ve ever wondered how a goat gets ready for bed, here’s your chance to find out.

Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington hosted “Goats N’ Pajamas” on Saturday night. 

What exactly goes into a goat’s bedtime routine? First you brush them, then you dress them in pajamas, then you read them a bedtime story. Plus, they need plenty of bedtime snacks, of course. 

Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington has been inviting people to come help out with bedtime on Saturday nights for two years. Previously, the farm took pictures of the goats dressed up in pajamas. Then, they decided to let people come to the farm to do it for themselves.

“Goats are better at getting dressed up than dogs are,” said Anneliese Dadras, owner of Bradley Mountain Farm. “They’re fun, they’re bouncy, and baby goats are fun to cuddle, so we thought, that’s the best of everything.”

It’s a fun activity for kids of all ages, plus it’s great socialization practice for the goats. 

“They just become sweeter,” said Dadras. “They think of humas as the ones that give them food and cuddles… it’s a win for us, too!”

Bradley Mountain Farm also hosts other goat meet-and-greets like goat hiking and “cuddle therapy,” plus open farm days on Sundays from April to October. Get tickets here: bradleymountainfarm.com