HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut residents 16-years-old and older will be eligible to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine as early as April 1, Governor Ned Lamont announced Thursday.

Only weeks ago, the governor had announced that the age group would be tentatively eligible to sign up on April 5.

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The governor said the eligibility date has moved up a few days because the state is receiving more doses.

“It’s going to be a rush at the gate, we understand that,” Gov. Lamont added, “but we’re finding we had a fair number of doses available in our appointment schedule as days went on.”

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This comes as the infection rate seems to be on a slight upward trend. Thursday the state saw a 3.88% infection rate.

80% of the 75+ age group is vaccinated in the state. 38% of adults in the state have at least their first dose of the vaccine.

“And that’s ramping up,” the governor said. “In particular J and J, 200,000, more vaccines, 200,000 more appointments next week. That allows us to get through the 45-54 age group pretty quickly. It’s also a matter of what the take rate is. We see great differences between different towns, the percentage of people getting vaccinated, so we want to make sure we keep that going and there’s no vaccine left on the shelf.”

Josh Geballe, C.E.O. State of Connecticut, added, “You know with 200,000 doses coming in a week, you can do the math and understand quickly that we’ll be in a position in a relatively short period of time, probably before the end of April where everyone in the state who wants to get a vaccine will have the ability to get one.”

Connecticut ranks third in the country for vaccinating residents. New Mexico and Alaska round out the top three.

Another thing the governor said is they’ve found that that younger group – 16 and older – many are already vaccinated (similar to 45 and above age group). This allows for a narrower size of the cohort and accelerated vaccinations.

Individuals who are currently eligible to receive the vaccine include:

  • All individuals age 45 and older.
  • Health care personnel.
  • Medical first responders.
  • Residents and staff of long-term care facilities.
  • Residents and staff of select congregate settings.
  • Pre-K-12 school staff and professional child care providers.

To make an appointment, find out your eligibility, and find the closest available clinic, go to ct.gov/covidvaccine. Those without access to the internet can call Connecticut’s Vaccine Appointment Assist Line at (877) 918-2224.

Every day new doses and appointments open up so keep checking those availabilities!