HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — While the stage legislature approved $170 million in June to help ease flooding in Hartford’s north end, a group put out a call on Monday for the funds to be used faster.

“Legislation is passed, and then it ends,” J. Stan McCauley, the president of the Greater Hartford African American Alliance said during a press conference. “So, you know, where’s the enforcement? Where’s the follow-up? And, most importantly, where’s the oversight?”

Mayor Luke Bronin said that the city’s infrastructure was not built to handle the strength of the two storms that’ve ravaged the area since the aid was approved.

“I’ve talked with the comptroller, I know that he and his team are working as quickly as they can to get those funds up and running to get those processes set up to get those funds out the door,” he said.

The old sewer system in the north end handles both rainwater and sewage, which means that the old pipes become overwhelmed and flood streets and pour raw sewage into basements during periods of heavy rain.