NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s the first of its kind in Hartford —A sustainable, affordable concrete home built by Habitat for Humanity North Central Connecticut.

“We’re dedicating this home to the Lubin family. It’s been a year-long process. We’re really excited for today,” said Diana Gasca, a Habitat For Humanity construction supervisor.

The three-story home located on Cleveland Avenue is outfitted with all the comforts of home.

“This house is actually really well insulated,” Gasca said. “We installed an ERV system, which energy-recovery ventilation so, the air that’s going put into this house is actually hospital-grade air.”

What makes this home so affordable is the interest rate. At a time when new homeowners are paying above 5% interest on the mortgage, the Lubin family just hit the lottery.

“All of our mortgages are open-finance, so that’s what makes it affordable for our families,”

This is not a handout, but a hand-up. A dream come thanks to a lot of hard work.

“We put in 150 hours of sweat equity, which goes toward not only helping build our home but help build the homes for other families as well,” Lubin said.”

Not only is Habitat helping to better communities, but builds family legacies.

“It’s been a work of pure love,” Lubin said. “In a world so full of darkness, Habitat as sponsors, you guys are a source of good.”