HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Hartford’s Frog Hollow neighborhood now has dozens of traffic calming poles with the intent to keep the streets safer.

City engineers recently installed dozens of the poles just one block west of the State Capitol. This is the latest initiative in a community-driven effort to get drivers to slow down on the road.

One Frog Hollow resident, Aaron Gill, said that over half of the people in his neighborhood don’t have access to a vehicle, noting that they’ve “prioritized vehicles for our streets” for decades.

“When you walk your kids to daycare in the morning, you don’t want to have to avoid or jump around speeding vehicles,” Gill said.

Gill noted that the traffic calming poles have proven to work in other cities across the country.

It could take years to get more drastic concrete measures approved and constructed. At about $50 a pop, these poles can go up quicker and cheaper.

“It’s particularly important around here,” Hartford’s Director of Public Works Michael Looney said of the new initiative. “We’ve had a number of accidents on Capitol Avenue due to speeding. We’ve been looking at ways to try to calm the traffic. Statistically the location where you’re most likely to have an accident that involves a fatal or severe injury is at an intersection itself.”

City officials are in the process of adding more traffic calming measures in other communities. They also hope these traffic calming efforts encourage more people to support local businesses like Aurora’s Bakery, which opened up amid the pandemic.

“Studies have shown there’s an increase in business, so this is also a great way to boost neighborhood businesses,” Gill said.