HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Hartford has rallied to help in the wake of a theft that left a Habitat for Humanity project without a boiler and thousands of dollars worth of tools.

“It’s heartbreaking when you have a break-in like that,” said Kris McKelvie, the director of construction for Hartford’s Habitat for Humanity. “You’re working so hard on this project, so to get the reward of a community saying ‘We’ve got your back,’ that means so much.”

The items were stolen on New Year’s Day when thieves ripped the boiler right off the wall of the Capitol Avenue home.

But on Wednesday, Connecticut-based Stanley Black & Decker donated thousands of dollars worth of tools to help make sure that the veteran set to get the home and his family can still move in on time.

Karen Price-Ward, with Stanley Black & Decker, said that it has a longstanding partnership with the nonprofit.

Hartford police are still searching for the suspects. The stolen tools have not been found, but the community has worked to replace the boiler.

Ryan Gorecki, with Habitat for Humanity, said the theft left him “crushed.”

“Honestly, to hear that it happened when we are working so deeply in our community here — but we are truly grateful for all the support and everything that has come back to us so far,” Gorecki said.

The nonprofit plans to wait to install the new boiler until the end of the project so that it doesn’t get stolen down. In the meantime, it has doubled down on security, and volunteers will work through the cold by using electric heaters.