HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Finding solutions to increased crime in the Capital City could be discussed at the City Council meeting on Monday night.

The City Council Meeting comes after a string of deadly shootings in the capital city, the most recent of them taking place on Saturday night. That incident marked the 24th homicide this year, and there have been over 90 shootings.

Now, the search is on to find the suspects involved in the Saturday night shooting as well as others. City leaders are also looking for solutions to the crime problem plaguing the community.

News 8 spoke with Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin about the issue, and he described one of the recent shootings as “targeted” and retaliatory.

The Hartford police chief said the reasons behind the deadly acts of violence vary from case to case, crime to crime.

“It could be something as small as a social media post or someone seeing someone drive by and don’t think they belong in that area,” said Chief Jason Thody with the Hartford police. “Even the triggers for some of these group-related violent acts, the threshold to [pull the] trigger that has gotten lower and lower.”

The City Council meeting will be held virtually at 7 p.m. Hartford city officials said that there will not be a vote on any issues brought before the council on Monday night.