HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – A Hartford family says their Israeli flag was stolen off their front porch in Hartford earlier this week.

The theft has stirred the community in the west end of Hartford due to the onset of war in Israel.

The Dewey family has flown more than 400 different flags from their porch. The family is currently flying the American and Ukrainian flag, but there is now an empty holder that was used to fly the Israeli flag.

“Betrayed hurt, angry and frustrated, we know these flags over the years have brought so much joy to our neighbors, and to get that kick in the gut that someone would deliberately try to destroy that and show their hatred by stealing a flag, it just hurts you,” Martha Dewey said.

The family said no one witnessed the theft, and it was not captured on security camera. Martha Dewey reported the theft, she said officers told her unless there was a suspect or witness there was nothing they could do.

News 8 spoke to local rabbis in the New Haven and Hartford areas, and they encourage people to report any incident of hate to the police and Anti-Defamation League because it is important to track the data.

“But a number of our Jewish neighbors came and talked to me and said unfortunately you were not alone in this, there were other people who are victimized especially as you get into West Hartford,” Martha Dewey said.

The Dewey family did not have security cameras but said that is about to change.