HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Hartford-based community organization has worked to help urban farmers in Hartford for more than five decades.

“We have 21 gardens throughout the city that are just these beautiful, special places within the city where people can come,” said Patrick Doyle, the executive director of Knox Inc. “They can grow fruits and vegetables for themselves.”

Knox is a garden-based education program that works with schools and community organizations.

That includes the Aasaaka Foundation, a group of urban farmers and beekeepers in Hartford. The group works to place beehives near urban farmers to help with pollination.

“I started at home with like one little plant and it just became an addition,” said Aarva Quinonez, who created the Aasaaka Foundation. “But this is the city, and we don’t have land.”

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture awarded the group a Farm Transition Grant earlier this year to help with pollinator pathways in Hartford.

For the Aassaska Foundation volunteers, the group has become more than bees and vegetables.

“The biggest thing that I get out of it is the relationships, the ability to connect with all these interesting, great people in Hartford,” Aamari Quinonez said.