HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Hartford HealthCare’s Dr. Ulysses Wu said over the next few days and weeks, we are going to see clarity about this omicron COVID wave.

“Looking at other places that have dealt with a similar situation, they have rapidly recovered. So I do remain positive that we are going to be headed in a favorable direction,” Wu said.

South Africa, which saw a sharp omicron spike in December, is now seeing a large drop in cases.

But Dr. Wu points out that we are in an unprecedented time with things changing on a day to day basis.

Hartford HealthCare Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Ajay Kumar believes the holiday gathering and travel after-effects wave will come and go.

“We think we are going to continue to have some increase in our hospitalizations and community spread in the next several days, and after several days, not weeks, we will see hopefully a decline in both of those numbers as well,” Dr. Kumar said.

Hartford HealthCare is allowing one visitor per patient. They do not have to show proof of vaccination, but they do have to take safety precautions.

While staffing is an issue in many healthcare facilities, Hartford HealthCare said they have not had to reduce any services and just brought on 300 new employees Monday.

“Hartford HealthCare has been very proactive in recruiting individuals in the system so we are expecting to open more capacity in the next couple of weeks,” Kumar said.