HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Shootings are down in Hartford, but killings are up, something that city officials attribute to arguments quickly escalating to violence.

“We are seeing this over and over again, these personal differences, the personal disputes,” Lt. Aaron Boisvert said. “It seems lately the first choice is to pick up a gun and begin shooting.”

There have been 36 homicides in the city this year, and three deadly shootings this week alone, with the most recent happening right underneath a city camera.

“Police have worked very quickly in each of those three homicides,” Mayor Luke Bronin said. “Our police have already identified suspects.”

It’s the highest homicide rate for Hartford since the early 1990s.

Hyacinth Yennie, the chair of Maple Avenue Revitalization, said that while police are making arrests, shooters aren’t staying behind bars.

“The court system has let down our community, all the time,” Yennie said. “You put somebody away, and then they let them back out. They post bond that is ridiculously low, and they’re back on the street.”

Bronin said there need to be consequences whether or not the shooter meant to kill the victim.

“And I don’t think that gun violence should have to be fatal for the courts to take it seriously in sentencing,” he said. “If you were shooting at someone, you are shooting to kill, in my opinion.”

Officials said the city has taken a record 322 illegal guns off the street this year. But while that has outpaced one a day, Boisvert said it’s still an increase in violence he’s ever seen.