HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Take the kids for a walk in the park, or read them a book? Now you can do both in Hartford’s Colt Park.

It’s a new way to combine reading, exercise, and the great outdoors. It’s called “Storywalk.”

“For us at the library, it’s also key to engaging fun activity and pleasure with reading and literacy and that is the key to success in everything that our children and families do as they learn,” said Bridget Quinn, CEO of the Hartford Public Library. 

They can read an entire book, page by page on podiums set up along a wheelchair-accessible path. Right now, that book is “Froggy Plays Soccer.” The subject is no accident, as the Hartford Athletic soccer team is one of the sponsors.

“On Saturday nights throughout the year, we see countless parents and children come through our gates to create countless memories together and support our team,” explained Michelle Roux, Vice President of the Hartford Athletic. “It is important to create more avenues for families to have fun in our city.”

The book is written in English and comes with a Spanish translation. There are also ways for the visually impaired or dyslexic to take part.

“You can take out your smart phone and you can scan the QR codes that are displayed on the signage, and you can hear the words and the activities,” said Diane Weaver-Dunne, executive director of Cris Radio.
In the future, they will update and change the story on display in Colt Park, and they hope to expand the program to other city parks in coming years.