HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The mayor of Hartford is scheduled to undergo surgery Monday.

Mayor Luke Bronin’s office said he will be having his second abdominal surgery, which follows an initial, more extensive procedure that he had in early December.

This surgery was planned and previously announced.

Bronin’s office said he is expected to recover in the hospital for around three days after the procedure before continuing his recovery at home, based on his doctors’ guidance.

He expects to remain in regular communication with city staff and work from home while he recovers from the surgery.

“I look forward to getting past this second surgery and getting back in action again as soon as possible,” Bronin said.  “I’m deeply grateful to our Chief Operating Officer, Thea Montanez, and to our entire leadership team for their tremendous skill and dedication, and for stepping up once again for the few days that I’m out.”