HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Eric Coleman, one of the candidates running for mayor of Hartford laid out two proposals on Monday to make Hartford a safer place.

Coleman is keeping a close eye on gun violence and policing in the capitol city.

When he launched his candidacy, the former state senator and judge said out-of-control gun violence was one of the reasons he jumped into the race.

Coleman said his first goal is to lessen gun violence in the city. He wants to work with police to stem the flow of guns into Hartford, improve character-building programs for young adults and create more meaningful career opportunities for those looking to escape violent lifestyles.

The second – reform and enhance the Hartford Police Department. Coleman wants to up staff and improve the hiring process.

He also wants to improve community policing through training with an emphasis on decreasing bias.

“Re-establishing, or establishing, the trust between the department and the community will enable… the police to effectively perform the role of fighting crime, hopefully preventing crime and enforcing the law,” Coleman said.

Coleman said he also seeks to utilize officers beyond their traditional roles and create specialized positions for needs like mental health and crisis intervention.