HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — As Hartford police make headway in their investigation of a fatal drive-by shooting, another group is working to help the victims in the hospital.

“It has been a rough couple of years… the last two years have been some of the toughest years that we faced,” said Andrew Woods, executive director of Hartford Communities That Care.

Monday night was no exception, with a large scale drive-by shooting that left one dead and three more in the hospital. At least three shooters are on the loose.

“Multiple vehicles hit by gunfire, again shell casings all over the street, multiple calibers, so it definitely appears at this point to be a targeted attack,” Hartford Police Lt. Aaron Boisvert said Monday night.

Hartford Communities That Care is in the middle of it all. Led by Woods, they arrive at the hospital shortly after victims are wheeled into the emergency room.

“We meet victims at bedside at the hospital, we connect with their families to make sure that their family members get access to the doctors, to the nurses and get updates, and then we make sure we follow up with the victims if they survive, we follow up with the victims with wraparound care and support,” Woods said.

“Everyone wants to see a helping hand, a kind face, an empathetic voice, a reassuring voice, and that’s pretty much what we provide.”

The nonprofit not only helps victims get back on their feet but also teaches them to take a step back, pause and not try to retaliate, but deescalate as they go back out onto the street.

“Encourage them to fall back a long enough time for them to reevaluate the situation and rather not they want to see it continue to escalate or spiral out of control,” Woods said.

At a time when the callouts seem almost weekly and the homicide rate has doubled in Hartford compared to this time last year, the team relentlessly pushes forward.

“I just do a lot of praying, and that’s pretty much all I do and that’s what gets me to sleep at night after something like this,” Woods said.

There is some concern as warmer months approach, which are typically more violent, that the shootings are just going to escalate.