HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — An arrest warrant, now unsealed, revealed former Hartford police officer Michael Fallon allegedly over-reported nearly 200 traffic stops.

The 28-year-old who resigned in March faced a judge on Wednesday. He is facing several charges including felony perjury, second-degree forgery and misdemeanor computer crimes.

Patrick Tomasiewicz, Fallon’s defense attorney said his client is very concerned with the charges and taking them seriously.

“There’s going to be immediate fall out from this and the charges are, there’s a felony in there so it’s serious enough,” Tomasiewicz said.

According to the audit, Fallon reported that he conducted 575 traffic stops, issuing 281 infractions in 2022. Many police cruisers, including Fallon’s former one, are equipped with an automated vehicle locator system. It revealed only 380 motor vehicle stops with 250 traffic infractions given.

Investigators also found discrepancies or false information in 39 of Fallon’s traffic stop reports including incorrectly reporting the driver’s gender 12 times and incorrectly reporting the driver’s race 19 times.

The audit was unable to determine if this was intentional or human error. Fallon also allegedly filed 33 traffic stop forms for stops that did not happen.

Fallon’s lawyer reminded the public he is innocent until proven guilty.

“The charges have been alleged against Mike Fallon who is a decorated police officer, was involved in an officer-involved shooting and decorated for bravery,” Tomasiewicz said.

Court documents also found a falsified arrest warrant Fallon wrote in January 2022.

Fallon claimed a heavily tinted Acura drove off during a traffic stop. Fallon said he did not pursue, then a few days later he spoke with the vehicle’s registered owner and the driver on the phone, later securing an arrest warrant charging the driver with multiple motor vehicle violations.

However, the investigation reveals Fallon’s cruiser never came to a complete stop where and when he reported that traffic stop.

The affidavit says this “raised serious concerns about his credibility.” Tomasiewicz said the charges automatically decertify the former officer of his duties.

“His father was a deputy chief for the Hartford Police Department and was chief of police for the state capitol, so he is absolutely on high alert and doing anything possible to restore his name and standing in the community,” Tomasiewicz said.

These charges also come during an investigation into Connecticut State Police falsifying thousands of traffic stops.

Fallon is not being held on bond with the promise to appear back in court on Nov. 17.