HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The Hartford Police Department is warning residents of a recent phone scam.

Police said they have received an uptick in complaints from people who have received calls from people claiming to be Hartford officers. The caller will tell people that they have missed a court date or that they have an arrest warrant and will demand payment.

Hartford police say they are taking the scam personally because the thieves are using the department’s name to try and con people out of their money.

“This is an old scam, we used to see the grandparents scam where they would call grandparents and tell them they have a grandson who is been arrested, and they need to give them money. It’s just a scam, if you have any questions or if you’re questioning the validity, and if anybody calls you claim to be a police officer, call your local police department,” Hartford Police Lt. Aaron Boisvert said.

The thieves are using the names of actual police officers who work at the Hartford Police Department, according to officials.

Hartford police say if you receive a call from someone claiming there’s a warrant out for your arrest and to provide money to immediately hang up.

The Hartford Police Department wants to remind the public that they will never call people and demand money.

Those who have received these phone calls are asked to try and get the number and report it to Hartford police.