HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The City of Hartford is paying out nearly $10 million to end the litigation over the development of a baseball construction project Dunkin’ Park in Hartford.

In 2016, the city terminated Hartford DoNo and Centerplan from the baseball park construction project after the project fell behind schedule.

Centerplan and Hartford DoNo then filed a lawsuit against Hartford seeking $90 million in damages but the city won.

They filed an appeal which wound up going up to the Connecticut Supreme Court which ruled a jury should make the final call following that ruling a second trial was set for this spring.

To avoid another expensive lawsuit Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin (D) agreed to a $9.9 million settlement with Arch Insurance, who paid to finish the project.

The City of Hartford estimated that had litigation gone forward it would have cost the city up to $6 million. The litigation would have potentially prevented the development of the ballpark for several years.

Arch Insurance assumed the project and paid $34 million to complete the job.

In the settlement, Centerplan and Hartford DoNo also agreed to waive their rights to bring suit against the City of Hartford in the future.

“This settlement is the responsible thing to do for Hartford, and it’s a clear validation of our decision to terminate Centerplan and call the bond in 2016, because it resolves this litigation for a fraction of what Arch Insurance Company paid to finish the ballpark,” Bronin said.

In a joint statement, Centerplan and Hartford DoNo responded to Thursday’s update by saying:

“Centerplan and Hartford DoNo are very pleased with this settlement of the claims that they had against the city of Hartford in this matter. They look forward to recovering additional compensation for their losses in the continuing litigation against the design professionals for the Stadium Project.”