HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Thursday marked the opening night for the Hartford Yard Goats’ 2023 season and there are a lot of new changes at the ballpark including the name. The stadium was formerly called Dunkin Donuts Park but it is now Dunkin’ Park.

“It’s the same great ballpark with a different name, we have the big Dunkin’ Park sign with a big giant coffee cup which by the way does some pretty cool things,” said Mike Abramson, General Manager for Hartford Yard Goats Baseball.

New changes also include new menu items including Philly cheese steaks, cheese eggrolls, and pickle fries with boom boom sauce.

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The stadium is now selling bouncing pickle hats and t-shirts which were inspired by an old Connecticut ordinance from the 1940s that required that pickles needed to “bounce” in order to be fit for human consumption, according to the Connecticut State Library.

In 1948, a Hartford Courant article mentioned the arrest of pickle packers Sidney Sparer and Moses Dexler for selling pickles that were “unfit for human consumption.”

The Connecticut Food and Drug Commissioner Frederick Holcomb in 1948, conducted laboratory tests to determine if pickles were edible at this time. Holcomb found that if you could drop a pickle in one foot it should bounce if it did not it was deemed “inedible.” Pickles that did not bounce were then destroyed. Thus, Sparer and Dexler were fined $500, according to the Connecticut State Library.

“We are proud of it! It’s something we take very seriously we paint the ballpark and we clean it, we make everything look brand spanking new, so when they come to the gates there like heck yeah it is summer,“ Abramson said.