HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Nearly 1,500 career-minded students from across the state visited Hartford on Wednesday morning to meet with Connecticut aerospace manufacturers.

The ACM Aersopace Alley Future Workforce Opportunites Fair & Trade Show at the Connecticut Convention Center is back —fascinating new students with a passion for engineering.

One student, Henry Stearns, was one of the 1,500-plus high schoolers attending, enthusiastic about a career in the aerospace industry—a key sector of Connecticut’s economy.

“It’s exciting to see everything they offer in the field, it’s growing, it’s so exciting,” Stearns said.

Jessica Taylor, Executive Director of Aerospace Components Manufacturers, said that the company is “coming off a hard difficult couple of years.”

“It’s coming back both on the commercial and military is strong, everybody is looking to hire right now,” Taylor said.

Whether its full-time employees or interns—opportunities are endless across the industry.

“We are in a high need to get the next field of manufacturing engineers,” Daniel Vasbinder, Human Resources Manager of Whitcraft, said.

Whitcraft, in South Windsor, was one of the many world-class aerospace manufacturers at the fair, seeking out homegrown talent. The company makes jet engine parts for commercial and military planes.

“We are really ingrained into the community,” Vasbinder said. “We want to build that. We work with local colleges and high schools to make sure there is a future.”

Stears said that a lot of students had fun learning about the industry and “diving into virtual reality.”

“To see these things on level of companies in the real world, they are showing me the cool applications,” Stears said.