NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) – For one Connecticut organization, giving back to veterans is what they do best.

House of Heroes Connecticut has been giving back to veterans since 2012 by providing one day of home repairs focused on safety and accessibility.

“Our mission is to recognize, honor and serve military and public safety veterans for their sacrificial service to our country,” Dennis Buden, House of Heroes Organization Senior Consultant, said.

The latest home, located in New Britain, marks their 200th project. 

“We’ll be doing some yard work, cleaning up his yard, we’ll be fixing up his gutter, cleaning out his gutter, installing gutter guards, that sort of thing. The whole idea is to tidy up the home and take care of things they can’t get to anymore,” Buden said.

Homeowner Francis Genovese served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War. He is now 80 years old and uses a walker to get around, therefore, his wife, Deb, explained that the new ramp will be very helpful for them.

“That means I can take him out for doctor’s appointments without all the stress. It is so hard getting him down these stairs,” Deb said.

Behind the hard work for this project, there are about 15 volunteers with Johnson Brunetti wealth management firm. This marks their fifth year of giving back to veterans.

“It’s a big year for us because we’re doing two projects. In prior years we’ve always done one project,” Eric Hogarth, senior partner with Johnson Brunetti Sr. said. “We’re trying to get involved as much as possible in the local communities.”

Each home repair comes at no cost to the veterans. Deb said the ramp that’s being installed at her home is heaven-sent, and it’s all thanks to the volunteers.