HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s soccer season in Hartford and Hartford Athletic is kicking off against the Boston Bolts. In Hartford, the talk around the stadium has nothing to do with the game. Its focus: students.

Hundreds of students from across Connecticut faced-off over stem projects. The winners earn up to several thousand dollars for their schools.

So, what does soccer have to do with science, technology, engineering, and math?

Hartford Athletic CEO Jim Burda said, “it has everything to do with soccer.”

Burda explained that 2022 is a launch year and Hartford Athletic has about seven partners that came on board to help them.

“In fact, volunteers from those organizations are going to be our judges for the contest,” Burda said. “With the contests, they’re going to pick the most promising projects.”

STEM Education Day is possible due to the partnership between Hartford Athletic, Conneticare, and a host of local organizations.

Students spent weeks preparing.

Isaiah Longmire, student at Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin University and Coventry resident, said that their project is about what would happen if the flood would occur tomorrow.

Narcisco Noqutte of Sand School in Hartford said, “the kids love it.”

“I have students coming in early in the morning,” Noqutte said. “I also have students staying later for the program.”