(WTNH) – August is National Breastfeeding Month, so area bikers are helping to transport milk to banks in need.

The Milk Depot at Prohealth Physicians stores breastmilk donations for mothers who are having a hard time producing milk. The milk is then processed in Massachusetts before it is distributed to babies who need it.

The Moving Violations Motorcycle Club, an all-women bike club, helps the Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast because they know they can transport milk quickly and safely from the Glastonbury depot.

Doctors say the milk will save the lives of premature babies as their digestive systems cannot handle anything else.

“Moms that have extra breast milk and there are moms that do have extra breast milk that have the ability to donate it, we will store it, in these special fridges and then we send it up to Newton, Massachusetts where it gets pasteurized, tested, and then distributed to these babies that need it,” said obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Benito Alvarez.

“We like to take on causes that benefit women and children and the community at large. So it’s a big part of our riding. It’s not just riding. So we’re helping other people and it gives us a good feeling as well,” said Jessoe of the Moving Violations Motorcycle Club.

The doctor says one ounce of a mother’s milk can supply three feedings for a baby in the NICU.