WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — Some of the youngest kids in the state received their first COVID-19 vaccine at the Windsor Public Library.

The FDA gave approval for that younger group, which is children six-months-old to five-years-old. The Connecticut Department of Public Health, which ran the clinic along with Griffin Health and the local health district, was ready,

“The announcement came out Saturday,” said Dave Reyes, Director of Health Equity for DPH. “We already had the vaccines ordered and ready to go. They came in yesterday and here we are.”

Many parents who lined up Tuesday morning were also ready for this day.

“It was a day we’ve been waiting for,” said Chrissy Clemens of Windsor, who has two toddlers. “My husband and I for a long time. We really wanted to get them vaccinated as soon as we could.”

DPH said there are around 180,000 children in Connecticut younger than five.

“I’ve been following that pretty closely so I was excited that it had finally gotten here,” said Claire Quinn of Windsor, who has a three-year-old son and an 18-month-old son.

“Some families drove an hour and a half to get here to find a vaccine today. They’ve had some difficulties so this obviously is meeting a need,” said Jeni Waldo, a Windsor Public Health nurse.

This clinic was already scheduled for Tuesday for children ages five and older, but as soon as the FDA gave its approval this past weekend, they switched it to six-months-old and older. Most of the people there Tuesday were these little kids in the younger group.

Some may be leery about getting the vaccine, especially for the young ones, but not those at the Windsor clinic. They were more worried without it.

“We really wanted to get them vaccinated so we could get them out and playing with more kids and socializing a little bit more,” Clemens said.

People can log onto the DPH website or scan the QR code seen in the video in this story to find locations of other COVID-19 vaccine clinics.