HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Gov. Ned Lamont (D-Conn.) is proposing a new bill that would introduce significant changes to existing gun laws in Connecticut.

On Monday, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz and gun control advocates gathered for a press conference ahead of the public hearing on House Bill 6667, which seeks to reduce gun violence in Connecticut.

The legislation is multifaceted. If passed, it would create new laws and tighten existing laws. The process to legally obtain a gun would become more complex. The age to purchase a gun would increase to 21, handgun purchases would be limited to one per month, and a ten-day waiting period before buying a gun would be implemented.

“These are very common-sense reforms that we propose, and we think the proposals that we have will save lives,” Bysiewicz said.

Gun control advocates were looking to expand Ethan’s Law, legislation that involved the safe storage of firearms. Tara Donnelly is a gun control advocate whose parents were killed during a robbery at their jewelry store. The shooter had stolen an unsecured gun from a home in Greenwich while looking for valuables just weeks before killing Donnelly’s parents.

“After a decade of committing nonviolent crimes, being able to access this unsecured gun was the turning point that enabled evil to act,” Donnelly said.

The Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League (CCDL) is against the proposed bill. The group believes the bill is misdirected and won’t solve gun violence.

“What this is doing is creating additional layers of control on people who are background checked and vetted and have already been approved by the state to possess and carry a firearm,” said Holly Sullivan, the president of CCDL. “However, we are not dealing with the actual charges of the repeat offenders who should not be in the possession of a firearm in the first place and are already committing illegal acts.”

The bill would also update the state’s ban on unregistered ‘ghost guns,’ which are firearms without serial numbers that cannot be tracked.