HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s technically still summer, but in downtown Hartford a new Lifetime Christmas movie has transformed Pratt Street into a wintry, snowy scene.

The movie is called “Rediscovering Christmas.” It tells the story of a woman named Mia — a window-dresser for a big city department store.

Lifetime is using Pratt Street as the backdrop for those city scenes. 

Most of the movie was shot in Old Wethersfield, but the final two days of production are in Hartford.

“The thing about Pratt Street, the buildings are all different,” said Andrew Gernhard of Synthetic Cinema – the production company behind the new movie. “They look great on camera. The street looks great; it’s that brick street so I think it’s all about the design and color that work for it.”

Rocky Hill-based Synthetic Cinema is no stranger to making Christmas movies in Connecticut. “We’ve done 40 movies all over Connecticut,” said Gernhard, “but surprisingly this is our first time in Hartford.”

Businesses on Pratt Street say they’ve enjoyed the extra foot traffic. “A lot of walk-in customers; we’re able to get our name out there, so it’s been really nice,” said Melissa Reyes, manager of Edible Arrangements on the block.

You can see these scenes for yourself around the holidays; “Rediscovering Christmas” airs on Lifetime December 15.