BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Bloomfield Police announced Monday that they made an arrest in a June 4 incident in which a man reportedly followed an 8-year-old boy through the Silas Deane Pawn Shop yelling racial slurs at the child and his mother.

43-year-old David Pfiffner of North Granby was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of breach of peace in the second degree.

The incident reportedly involved the 8-year-old boy being followed through the shop by another customer (Pfiffner) while shopping for bikes with his mom. MarvyAnn Duncan said the grown man started hurling racial slurs directly at her grade-schooler.

“[He] was followed throughout the store and taunted with racial slurs,” Duncan said.”The n-word, the c-word, words that he doesn’t even understand.”

Duncan said her son is now terrified to leave his home.

In a separate incident in Bloomfield, 28-year-old Chaz Douglas was walking home from a vigil for George Floyd on Sunday when he said a man drove up beside him and demanded to see ID before brandishing a gun.

“I was thinking he was going to shoot me for no reason,” Douglas said. “If he would have been stupid I would have died. I was trying to tell him where I was from because I wanted good vibes in the

Police have arrested that neighbor, whom they identified as 56-year-old Michael Fannon.

He’s out on bond. He told News 8 that he is not a racist and has several African-American friends.

He said he did put a gun on the seat of his car during the interaction with Douglas because Fannon claims he felt like he was the one in danger after Douglas put his hand in his own pocket. He said Douglas saw the weapon but claims this does not amount to brandishing the weapon at Douglas. Fannon said he left to avoid escalating the conflict. He admitted initially lying to the police about the gun because he “was scared.”

Mayor Suzette DeBeatham-Brown held a news conference with the NAACP, Police Chief Paul Hammick and state legislators to send a clear message: “The Public Service announcement (PSA) is, if you live in Bloomfield and you can’t appreciate who we are, then you might need to move. And if you’re coming here and you want to change who we are, you may not need to be here.”