MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — High School students in Manchester returned to the classroom on Monday, following a shooting threat made on Friday.

According to school officials, the principal of Manchester High received an email Friday morning with a shooting threat specific to the school, and said it would happen on Friday. The district reasoned by closing Manchester High and Bentley Academy for the day.

“My son’s in the middle school. Really scary actually,” Chaia Richman said. “It’s scary for all parents. We have to take the chance and pray every day that the kids go to school and everything is fine.”

The building reopened Monday with heightened security. The police presence was increases and students and their belongings were searched upon entering the building. News 8 spoke with Malachi Peterkin, a senior at Manchester High School, who said the threat wasn’t surprising.  

“I mean we head about one at least once a month, it’s just unfortunate at this point,” Peterkin said.

Peterkin said there is a noticeable difference at the school following an incident of this nature.

“Our security guards are a little bit more on edge, they really work to keep people in the classes more,” he said.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been more than 200 mass shootings so far this year.

“I just hope America can come to its senses and do something about this,” Louis Soto said.

Manchester Police are investigating the source of the email, and have not yet names a suspect.