DISCLAIMER: Some may find the content in this article to be disturbing

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Hartford Superior Court jury has found a Massachusetts man guilty of a 1984 cold-case kidnapping in Avon, according to an announcement from Hartford State’s Attorney Sharmese L. Walcott.

According to evidence presented in court, on April 12, 1984, a female was exiting her parked car outside her apartment complex in Avon when an unknown man attacked her. The man forced the victim back into her car and used tape to blindfold her and bound her hands together.

According to the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice, the man drove the victim to an unknown location and tied her to a tree before beating and sexually assaulting her. The man then forced the victim back into the car and made her perform sexual acts.

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According to court records, he ran outside the vehicle when they arrived back in the parking lot. He left the victim inside the car who remained naked, bound and blindfolded. The victim was able to maneuver and honk the car’s horn to try and get help.

When police arrived at the scene, officers found the victim without clothing and her wrists still bound. She was brought to a local hospital, where a sexual assault examination kit was completed.

In May 2019, police had a break in the case. George Legere, a Massachusetts inmate had his DNA sample taken as part of the state’s protocol.

Mugshot of George Legere (SOURCE: Avon Police Department)

Officials said Legere’s DNA sample produced a hit in the Combined DNA Index System, linking him to the 1984 kidnapping and sexual assault in Avon.

Legere also matched the description that the kidnapping victim gave to police in 1984.

Legere’s sentencing is scheduled for July 21 at Hartford Superior Court.