HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Bringing smiles to the faces of young patients across Connecticut.

The Mattel Children’s Foundation gave over 1,000 toys to kids in the Hartford HealthCare system Thursday.

It’s through a partnership between Hartford HealthCare, the Institute of Living, and Mattel.
HealthCare workers told News 8 the value of a toy can’t be overstated.

“Something like a toy is important because it could be one less thing that a mother can think about. So while some might see it as, oh, just an item, but those who have the opportunity to have many choices and options, we can see why that may not mean so much before a parent that can afford to do that for their child. This is very big,” nurse Daileann Hemmings said.

The toys range from monster trucks, barbie dolls and stuffed animals.