HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Members of Hartford’s Roca program gathered on Wednesday to celebrate the program’s second anniversary and their efforts to help women and children.

The program aims to pull young women and children away from violence, incarceration and poverty in the capital city.

“They listen to you, they hear you, they don’t judge you and they try to find comfortable solutions to help you through it,” said Shanielia, a Roca participant.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said one of the goals is to set young women in need on the right path.

“Carefully, patiently, lovingly try to untangle that web, and help young women stabilize and then get on a different path,” Bronin said.

Roca originally started in Boston but it expanded to Harford two years ago. News 8’s Jayne Chacko was the master of ceremonies on Wednesday.