HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Developer Carlos Mouta saw a need for a different way of living in Connecticut.

“For some people it’s a lifestyle and others it’s a necessity,” said Mouta.

He remodeled the Adrian Apartments on Main Street in Hartford in micro apartments, one at 290-square feet.

“This is $150-200 cheaper than any other apartment,” said Mouta.

The architect had to get creative to maximize the space.

The microwave also serves as a convection oven, creating extra storage.

Chairs hang when not in use, the table folds up and storage bins line the walls.

The bathroom floor drains for the shower.

The couch is also a fold up bed.

For millennials who spend less time at home, it’s an appealing option.

“The focus definitely is for the younger generations who are looking for ways to enjoy the city and looking for ways to thrive in it,” said Natalie Sweeney of Lifecare Design.

Plus, living in Connecticut’s major cities can be costly.

“Traditionally the downtown’s have very expensive rents, like Stamford, Hartford and Bridgeport,” said Sweeney.

Simple supply and demand according to University of New Haven economics professor Patrick Gourley.

“A lack of additional apartments being built in a lot of major cities, and the increase of millennials. Single 20 something’s who are looking to live in urban centers, who do not have large families and would prefer to live in a very small unit in an urban area than have a house in the suburbs,” said Gurley.

Mouta is looking to build more micro apartments in Connecticut, who has already taken on tenants of all ages, looking to live life with less stuff.

“I think this is for anyone to be honest, not for everyone, but for anyone who is young at heart,” said Mouta.

For more information on micro apartments at 360 Main Street, call (860) 278-7919