HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Mothers United Against Violence has long been fighting to make the city of Hartford a safer place. On Thursday night, they held a rally on Main Street, sharing their personal stories of how gun violence has ripped their families apart.

They brought forward photos of loved ones, of their sons, daughters, and grandchildren, who were shot and killed during violence on the street.

“I am grieving two adult grandchildren. When I feel like I’m in a better place with their lives being taken, and when I hear about other young people, especially children in school, how they lose their life unnecessarily, it just breaks my heart all over again,” one woman said.

She shared how she lost her grandchildren to gun violence.

“These are my grandkids. I am here for everyone who lost their life by gunfire. I hope that one day they will change the gun laws, I can’t give up on it. If I give up on that, you know it’s like my grandchildren died in vain, they are gone and they are not coming back. So I figure if I can just do it as often as I can and maybe get someone else to come and stand and do it too, that we might get a solution to this problem. But if we don’t do anything, nothing’s going to happen. I mean we have to do it ourselves.”

Mothers United Against Violence says they are hoping lawmakers will do the right thing but they are not going away.

They are going to continue to be out on the streets making sure lawmakers hear them every day, that they are suffering and they want change.