HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Hartford citizens who live in the city’s north end say they have been dealing with major flooding issues and sewage backups over the past few years.

Residents are saying it’s time to get their storm system fixed as their homes and businesses have been damaged from the constant flooding and sewage issues.

There has been meeting after meeting with residents telling leaders about the problem.

The NAACP is saying these issues are happening in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods.

“Why are the predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods, particularly [in the] north end of Hartford, suffering from flooding?” said Cynthia Jennings, an attorney.

The NAACP said Hartford residents deserve better and they have reached out to their national leadership to help resolve the situation.

In the past, the Metropolitan District Commission said they don’t have enough infrastructure money for a project that large. The EPA has stepped in and said they are actively reviewing the sewer system and investigating the overflows. They working with Connecticut legislators and the water company to find solutions.

The EPA released the following statement in regard to resolving the situation:

EPA and CTDEEP are actively reviewing and investigating the causes of sewer overflows in the sewer system maintained and operated by the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC). CTDEEP is the lead agency overseeing the sewer separation work in Hartford and EPA is coordinating closely with CTDEEP to review planned actions and ensure that implementation of such actions occurs as quickly as possible.

The NAACP said they know this is a long-term fix, which is why they say it’s so important to receive funding to fix the problem as soon as possible.