WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — Another noose has been found at the Windsor Amazon worksite, the President of the Connecticut NAACP told News 8 Wednesday morning. The site will once again shut down for an unconfirmed amount of time.

The Windsor Police said the noose was found by a worker on the fifth floor mixed in with and entangled with electrical cords used for lighting at the job site.

They say the worker reported that these cords had not been used for more than two weeks and were being stored on a pallet amongst other electrical equipment on the floor. When the worker went to detangle the cords, he discovered the short piece of red rope which had a noose tied to the end.

“He immediately reported it and officers on site responded. Due to the serious nature of this and previous incidents at this site, all construction activities were ceased, workers were removed from the building, and were briefed on today’s incident,” Windsor Police reported. “The FBI and the Connecticut State Police both responded to assist with today’s discovery and to conduct a complete canvass of the facility.”

This eighth noose is red like the seventh. It has been sent to the state police crime lab for DNA testing.

Police said Amazon installed cameras in all the stairwells and spaced them out on the floors. And so far, over 100 employees of the construction site have been interviewed by law enforcement as part of the investigation.

They also have five officers one on each floor when the site is open.

Windsor Chief of Police Donald Melanson explained, “Those officers are walking on a daily basis. I’m talking to the construction workers, and they are building a rapport, building friendships with the workers, and the more and more we do that, the more comfortable they are, and workers are coming forward and sharing information if they have it.”

Windsor Town Manager Peter Souza stated, “These acts of hate and intimidation have no place in Windsor. We continue our efforts with the FBI and Connecticut State Police to investigate and find the person or persons responsible.”

“This is definitely not the paint that we want Windsor painted with,” said Don Trinks, Windsor Mayor.

We’ll save the debate about whether Windsor or Wethersfield were the first Connecticut settlements for another day. But the debate about Windsor’s national image is very much active after eight nooses were found over the course of a month on this Amazon construction site.

“We were the first town to declare racism a public health crisis. This not the Town of Windsor. This is not what we stand for. This is not how we treat residents,” said Trinks.

Governor Ned Lamont and Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz released a joint statement Wednesday in response to the series of nooses found on the site, saying,

“The events of the past several weeks at the Amazon construction site in Windsor have been disgusting and hateful. The individuals responsible for these actions must be held accountable, and we urge law enforcement to be aggressive in their investigation. This repeated behavior is calculated, and clearly meant to stoke fear and encourage racism and bigotry. What we have been seeing at this facility is wrong, and we condemn these actions in the strongest of terms.”

The construction site was also shut down this past weekend and reopened Monday as officials investigated the seven other nooses found on site since April.

As of Monday, a $100,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

WEB EXTRA: NAACP, Windsor town leaders hold a fifth press conference regarding nooses found at Amazon site in Windsor

In their fifth press conference on the topic Wednesday afternoon, the NAACP said this ongoing discovery of the nooses is “out of control.”

Scot X. Esdaile, state president of the NAACP, says they are worried about individuals of color on the Amazon site. Today the NAACP was supposed to meet with workers at the warehouse to talk to them about their safety but it was canceled because of the eighth noose.

“This is real, and we are not going to wait until they start burning crosses or putting people’s necks in those nooses!” Esdaile said.

He says Amazon is just giving them lip service about solving the problem.

“We have been told by officials and law enforcement that this situation is under control…and that we have nothing to worry about and that these individuals on this construction site have nothing to worry about,” Esdaile said Amazon echoed that sentiment.

However, he added, “The Black community has no trust in this…This is a complete joke. Smoke and mirrors. A bunch of nonsense that has been said to us. There’s no way that this should be happening in CT in 2021.”

Town leaders are calling on Amazon to bring their national representatives to Windsor to address the issue and find the culprit.

Nuchette Black-Burke of Windsor town council said, “It’s impacting Windsor! On our town blogs, it has become very divisive. It is a problem, it is impacting us. So Amazon can take it lightly because they aren’t living it with us. But as a woman of color, it instills something completely different.”

They are calling it “Our Presser Campaign.” Town Councilman Black-Burke addressed Amazon saying, “Until our quality of life in small little Windsor comes back to normal, we are holding you accountable.”

The state legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus is calling on Amazon to remove the developer RC Andersen LLC.

Vice-Chair Bobby Gibson, who represents Windsor, said in a statement: “Racism is prevalent on the site, that is clear. One way to solve this issue is to bring in a new developer who does not tolerate this kind of behavior and makes it clear from the start. This is a part of the state I have known my entire life. These disgusting and horrific acts must stop.”

“It’s a racist thing. A noose has one symbol and that’s hatred. It certainly brings back the worst of American history and to have that on a job site in Windsor is beyond disturbing to all of us,” said Trinks.

We reached out to the developer for comment and have not heard back.

We asked the chief directly, ‘do they have any leads? How is the case going? Are they close to making a rest?’ He says right now they are following up on some good leads.

On Friday evening the Self Defense Brigade held a protest outside of the construction site. One protestor said:

We are not taking this lightly. We know that people are afraid to lose their superiority in white America, and desperate people do desperate things. But we are not afraid.