NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — The Polish community in New Britain has been fundraising and sending aid to Ukraine, but now some of its members are receiving threats.

Attorney Adrian Baron received a threat to his law office, condemning the pro bono work he is doing for Ukrainian families.

“To take it to that level where you’re threatening to burn the place down, that’s above and beyond,” Baron said. “I’m always surprised when somebody sides with Putin. You never know, it takes all types.”

The Belvedere Cafe just three blocks over has held two successful fundraisers for Ukrainian families. They too received a threat, with someone saying they will burn down the restaurant if it continues to help out.

On Friday, Baron confirmed to News 8 a Polish-language paper and a Polish social club also received threatening letters. Similarly to the card received by the cafe, the letter to the paper said they would burn the place down. They have filed a police report and will pursue charges.

The threats received by both Baron and the cafe came on cards. One was a baby shower card and the other was a Christmas card, with the threat written on the back side.

They say both cards were done in the same way. Police are now investigating.

“We’re pretty confident it was from the same person. The writing was similar, it was written on the back of a card and it was mailed from the Hartford area,” Baron said.

Barron said the Polish community takes these types of threats very seriously and will follow them through until the end.

“I’m the president of the Polonia Business Association. Usually when a business on Broad Street is a victim of any kind of crime, we follow up with the court system, we follow up with the victim advocate office. So we want to make sure that somebody just doesn’t get a slap on the wrist,” Baron said.

“If anything, its increased our resolve to help,” he added.

They are going to continue to help out this Saturday. Another big fundraiser is planned near the cafe.