NEW HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The New Hartford volunteer Fire Department is offering to make an install a green, reflective yard sign depicting an address number for only $25, saying it can save time in future emergencies.

Photo provided by FD.

Time is of the essence when responding to emergencies, and sometimes seconds can count. According to responders, finding a residence that has a reported emergency can be difficult as some don’t have easily visible address numbers. Some are on mailboxes and poles that may be obstructed, too dark, or too small, the Fire Department reported in a Facebook post. This can cause a significant delay in response time for firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers.

The New Hartford volunteer Fire Department has two options: for $20, they will create a sign that is easily visible, or for an extra $5, they will both make and install the sign anywhere on the lawn if you live in the area.

The signs and numbers are reflective, which can greatly aid responders if they need to come during the night. Officials recommend you put this sign close to the road.

To put in an order for a sign and schedule a pick up or installation time, the New Hartford volunteer Fire Department can be reached at (860) 379-4936.

Non-residents of New Hartford can also order a sign, but will need to pick up the sign and install it individually.