NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Students at Central Connecticut State University are taking advantages of a Virtual Reality Training Lab.

New Virtual reality technology at Central Connecticut State University is being used to educate students in the university’s nursing program. The technology, at the University’s XR Lab, is forming a bridge between what’s learned in the classroom and what students learn by working in the field.

“So by implementing these experiences in the virtual reality world, we know we’re giving our students an additional opportunity to think on their feet, problem solve and deliver which is so needed because there’s not enough nurses out there,” Department Chair for nursing at CCSU, Catharine Thomas, said.

Once students put the googles on, they’re transported to a virtual examination room and interact with a virtual patient.

Aline Capobianco, a nursing student at CCSU, said students are able to check the computer for orders, talk with the patient, take vitals, and more.

“You feel like you’re totally immersed, like you can do anything,” Capobianco said. “You can travel, you can talk to somebody. It’s crazy.”

She said the simulation of a real examination room will improve her confidence when she actually begins her career.