NEWINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — There’s some encouraging news in the war on crime as police in Newington are going high-tech.

All police need is a phone number, which gives them access to a scene before they arrive. Whether it’s a bank robbery in progress or a police standoff at a motel, Newington police now have a new approach to fighting crime and responding to emergencies through Prepared Live.

Sgt. Ryan Deane of the Newington Police Department explained that Prepared Live is a web-based system that has been incorporated into their dispatch center. This allows them to livestream with people who call in an emergency.

The system allows officers to see what’s going on at the scene and determine how to best prepare for it, which also works in their favor when it comes to safety.

“It also allows you to share multimedia that they may have had on their phone for video or photographs,” Deane said. “It also allows us to text back and forth with them to make conversations go smoother.”

All the dispatcher needs is a phone number, where they send a link to in order to make a connection. Deane said police just enter their cell number, name, a new live stream, and text message right to the phone. The caller then has ability to show police the scene.

“The more video, the more coverage, the more eyes on a situation, the better case we can make for arresting somebody,” Deane said.

The Prepared Live program rolled out a couple of weeks ago, and there have already been some success stories. Police said a juvenile was missing, but they were found safe.

Police said Prepared Live is vetted, and only law enforcement has access to it. Additionally, the app gives officers access to your phone, however, none of your personal information is gathered.

“We don’t have access to your memory, we don’t have access to your previous locations, GPS locations,” Deane said. “We only have access to information you allow us to have.”

This should allow people to feel safe in more ways than one.