NEWINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — There has been an increase in vandalism at parks in Newington, according to the town’s parks and recreation department.

Vandals have spraypainted over the new handicapped-accessible playground, new exercise equipment at Clem Lemire Park, electrical boxes at the town’s baseball fields, skatepark and outdoor fitness equipment at Mill Pond Park.

According to Newington police, vandals have also destroyed picnic tables, swings, and slides. They have also tipped over portable toilets and filled them with sand, adding to plumbing repair costs.

Police have also received reports that people have been driving motorized vehicles on park and school grounds, which has caused thousands of dollars in turf damage, officials said.

According to officials, turf has been damaged at Mill Pond Park, Deming-Young Farm, Paterson School, John Wallace School, Martin Kellog School, Emmanuel Christian Academy and Newington High School.

The Newington Parks and Recreation Department said the decorative water fountain in the sensory garden at Mill Pond Park had been broken.

Bill DeMaio, the superintendent of Newington Parks and Recreation, released the following statement:

“Oftentimes, this senseless vandalism costs taxpayers thousands of dollars. Many staff hours go toward purchasing the correct graffiti remover, applying the materials, and scrubbing off the spray paint. When a playground is vandalized today, the replacement cost is thousands of dollars more than when it was purchased years ago. This causes all kinds of budget problems since vandalism is very hard to predict and budget for.”

The Newington Parks and Recreation Department said it is committed to maintaining the parks’ beauty and safety for all residents to enjoy.

Officials are asking anyone who sees suspicious activity to contact Newington police at (860) 666-8445.

Police ask that callers provide clear information, including the location of the suspicious incident, a description of the perpetrator(s), license plate numbers, and video.