HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Nursing home workers lined the steps of the Capitol on Wednesday, demanding PPE. They say their companies are not providing enough of it and want the state to step in.

The Grimes Center Currently has 31 percent of their residents currently diagnosed with COVID-19. Like many other nursing homes and long term care facilities across the state, the workers are demanding more PPE.

Dozens of workers were out there on Wednesday in masks and keeping more than six feet apart. Most held signs, one read: “I take care of your loved one. PPE Now.”

“Nursing home residents are getting sick and dying,” said Rob Baril, Healthcare Workers Union. “Nursing home workers are getting sick and are dying. There are family members of nursing home workers who have contracted COVID-19 and are dying, and at this point, we need action.”

Many of them told News 8 they only get a new mask and gown once a week and they’re expected to spray Lysol on it and use it again. 

“In my workplace, we get one every Monday, so tell the governor please to give us one for every day; we need one daily,” said Torrington’s Claudette Ward. 

“They’re [nursing homes] responsible for their own PPE, and we’re there as a back up for them,” Governor Ned Lamont said. “So, there’s no excuse not to get the gowns and the masks these frontline workers deserve.”

A union representative for nursing home workers said he wants to see some accountability and fines from the state.