NEWINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Police are searching for the individual who placed a 911 call Sunday that triggered a huge police response to a home in Newington where no crime seems to have been committed.

Sergeant Matthew D’Esposito told News 8 a 911 call came into Hartford police on Sunday afternoon about a possible shooting on Church Street in Newington.

The call was transferred to Newington police and prompted a multi-city police response.

When officers arrived at the location of the reported incident, they found no crime had been committed.

“We were able to determine no such event happened here and there was no indication of any event even similar to that happening,” he said.

Occupants of the home were taken by surprise when police arrived, and neighbors told News 8 they were bewildered by the police presence.

David and Debra Brodacki-Magnan told News 8 it was scary to see so much police activity in their quiet neighborhood.

“Confusion! Just like, what is going on? To see this many and then see an out-of-state cruiser…and state troopers.”

Police said the investigation has turned to the 911 caller and the legitimacy of the call.

“We are now in the process of investigating the origin of that call and the intention of the caller…Police responses like this can be a dangerous situation so it’s our intention to identify the caller and find out what the intention of the call is,” Sgt. D’Esposito added.

When someone calls in a fake crime to 911, it’s called “swatting” and is a criminal offense.

Sgt. D’Esposito went on to say, “It’s not necessarily a common every day call for individual communities, but it is a common type of call where people may place false calls. We’re still investigating it, so we don’t know exactly what’s going on here.”

Neighbors News 8 spoke to said they’re grateful everyone is okay and thankful for the work by police.

“They really do a good job and we want to thank them.”