WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — Safety concerns at a Windsor elementary school had one parent questioning whether to send her child to their first day of school Monday.

Photos, some of which are a few years old, appear to show mold growing on desks, chairs and walls.

“I dropped my son off this morning and left in tears,” said Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School parent Karen Mendoza.

Mendoza received photos of the mold from an anonymous school employee who said their concerns were ignored by administrators.

“I was disgusted. I was appalled,” she said. “The extent of that, you know, the ceiling tile in particular, it’s bad, especially knowing that picture was taken a week ago.”

News 8 reached out to the Windsor Health Department, the superintendent’s office and the mayor’s office. Officials said the town and school district are working together to address the situation.

In a statement, the school district said “A previous third-party mold air assessment indicated results were within industry-accepted parameters. Collectively we are continuing to take actions to address the conditions including system adjustments and improvements.”

The Windsor Health Department said the mold grew due to high humidity levels, and there is no need to delay the start of school due to short and long-term mitigation strategies in place like dehumidifiers, deep cleaning and HVAC system adjustments.

Mendoza, who works in the health industry, said there are long-term effects of being exposed to mold.

Mendoza said some parents kept their kids home on Monday, something she debated, but said the problem won’t be fixed overnight. She is now demanding action.

“That’s not OK,” Mendoza said. “Bring in mobile classrooms if you need to while you take care of the situation. There’s other buildings you can look at in town. I had to send my kid in, but I did it with a broken heart.”

The Windsor Board of Education is holding a special meeting to address the issue on Tuesday. The superintendent is meeting with parents and staff on Wednesday night to answer any questions or concerns.