AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — A string of home burglaries that rocked Avon earlier this month are related to similar crimes that happened in New York, New Jersey and other Connecticut towns, according to police.

Avon police said the thieves took place in the early evening hours, when suspects drove to and from the area in rental vehicles and then got into homes by using unlocked doors or breaking glass slider. The burglars hit eight homes between Jan. 30 and Feb. 13.

While they took various types of items, they have all had “a high worth,” according to a post from police.

In one case, the suspects ran out of a home when an alarm went off. Police believe the thieves are targeting unoccupied homes.

“Based on information provided by other police departments, we understand that the suspects are typically not armed with weapons because the suspects understand that carrying a weapon while committing these acts will upgrade the criminal charges brought against them is caught with the sentence typically including automatic jail time or a longer sentence,” a post from Avon police reads.

Police urge residents to be vigilant, use automatic lights when they are not know, let neighbors know if they will not be home, not allow mail to pile up and to be careful about posting pictures on social media of being on vacation until you return home.