WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Dash cam video of a June wild police chase has just been released.

“It is difficult to watch,” said Hartford Deputy Chief Bryan Foley

The video shows a suspect on the ground in handcuffs being kicked in the head by one of their officers. It happened in June after a high-speed chase where the suspect ran over an officer then rammed a police cruiser. Foley wanted to release the video back then, but he says it was in the hands of the State’s Attorney’s Office.Related Content: 2 arrests made after Hartford police officers injured in stolen car chase

“We have watched what happens on a national level when people hide the stuff and sit on it, and we have watched what has unfolded there after. So it is incredibly critical for us to communicate this to our city,” said Foley.

Kathleen Mullin heads the Criminal Justice Department at the University of St. Joseph.

“I think the trend nationally is to put more into the public view sooner, and I think that is the right idea, and I think Hartford has the right plan,” said Mullin.Related Content: Hartford Police launch excessive force investigation

She says while transparency is so important in these kinds of cases, she understands why State’s Attorney’s Office is cautious about releasing the video too soon. You don’t want to try the case in the media.

“You also have to worry about if that video is going to impact potential witness testimony, about what people think they have seen or not seen,” said Mullin.

Before releasing the video to the public, Hartford police met with community leaders and answered their questions. Foley says the sergeant who kicked the suspect retired a couple weeks ago and the investigation continues.

Reverend Henry Brown is a community Leader in Hartford and says he hopes other police departments follow suit.

“I think the Hartford police did the right thing today, by releasing that video. I just wish the State’s Attorney’s Office would’ve been more lenient so they could’ve gotten that news out right away,” said Brown.