West Hartford, Conn. (WTNH) – West Hartford is bringing a new meaning to the phrase “dog days of summer.”

The town and the West Hartford Dog Park Coalition held the annual “Pooch Plunge” on Monday at Beachland Park.

Dogs took their turns swimming laps in the pool with tennis balls provided for fun.

Pools were closed to people so it could be all paws in the pool.

“I just love it, love watching them. Listen to them, they’re all barking, they’re all having fun, they’re running around some may need help to get out of the pool and hopefully the owners will take them out of the pool,” said Pamela Hershinson, co-president of the West Hartford Dog Park Coalition.

There was also a raffle for a pet photography session and dog training sessions at the event.

“It’s amazing, there’s so many dogs and there’s so many different types of dogs and they’re all so friendly,“ said Jeremy Apple.

All the proceeds are going towards a permanent dog park in West Hartford.